Let it snow: Nissan electric car designs inspire do-it-yourself, holiday joy

Let it snow: Nissan electric car designs inspire do-it-yourself, holiday joy

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It often starts with a line, more specifically with a brushstroke. This is how a lot of car designers kick off their sketch. In collaboration with paper toy maker Tougui, Nissan is bringing these lines to life with a wintery twist this holiday season.

"First, you roughly define the proportion of your vehicle, depending on whether you are working on a crossover, a sports car or a small car. You only need a few lines for that," says Matthew Weaver, Vice President Design, Nissan Europe. "Some lines are very distinctive for our vehicles, such as the floating roof on Ariya. I believe the fewest strokes to form the vehicle shape is ideal. It determines whether your car is recognizable and sometimes it makes it iconic."

Inspired by electric vehicle design lines, Tougui created six paper snowflakes anyone can easily reproduce at home, based on the body lines of the all-electric Nissan Ariya and LEAF.

"It's crazy to see how many declinations are possible, they are all so different, yet they all start with a few simple lines," said Guillaume Pain, the French artist behind Tougui. "The personality of each vehicle stands out."

No elaborate material is needed: just paper, a pen (if you prefer to draw the lines yourself instead of printing the template), scissors and some creativity. These pretty snowflakes can be made in any size or color.

Share your creation with Nissan by tagging images of your paper snowflakes on social media with #NissanHoliday.