Nissan Garage Exclusives: Unleashing the 2024 Z NISMO

Nissan Garage Exclusives: Unleashing the 2024 Z NISMO

Z NISMO packs more power, but that’s just the tip of the performance iceberg

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The 2024 Nissan Z NISMOOpens in a new tab. was engineered to lap the track again and again… and again. Hitting the team's aggressive benchmarks meant fine-tuning hundreds of parts and countless hours of intense testing.

Building on the seventh generation of the iconic Nissan Z, engineers examined the vehicle top-to-bottom to find every opportunity to optimize its on-track capabilities. They stiffened the chassis, boosted horsepower, enhanced aerodynamics and – of course – fitted new 19-inch RAYS® wheels with even grippier tires than those on Z Performance. The result: a clear continuation of NISMO's legacy of exhilarating, track-ready sports cars.

In this first edition of "Nissan Garage Exclusives," we take an up-close look at a Z NISMOOpens in a new tab. that logged thousands of miles on the track during engineers' extensive testing process. Watch the mini video series below to see Christian Spencer, Nissan senior manager of vehicle evaluation and testing, break down the differences you'll find in Z NISMO, inside and out.

Chapter 1: Aerodynamics and Cooling

Engineers went to great lengths to help the 2024 Z NISMO slice through the air and stay cool – even on the hottest track days.


Chapter 2: Grip

How do you keep a 420-horsepower machine composed on the track? Enormous attention to detail.


Chapter 3: Power

Engineers boosted horsepower and torque on the Z NISMO, but that's just part of their comprehensive approach to enhancing performance.


Chapter 4: Braking

The massive stopping power of the 2024 Nissan Z NISMO helps drivers stay confident -- on and off the track.


Chapter 5: Design

From the 19-inch RAYS® wheels to the signature NISMO red stripe on the bodywork, Z NISMO's design details make it immediately distinguishable from the rest of the lineup.


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